Annandale Virginia Area Map

Annandale has a healthy and diverse business foundation. Add that to the intensely favorable consumer demographics and a high standard of living and Annandale lives us to what one would expect of a Northern Virginia suburb of Washington DC, located just inside the Capital Beltway. Annandale is also a family oriented community which presents a wide selection of home styles, convenient shopping, comprehensive parks and hiking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, a nature center, a golf course, and many wonderful restaurants.

Annandale has parks scattered across its geographical region and a number of them are maintained by the Fairfax County Park Authority. The Wakefield Skate Park, for example, offers skateboarding, BMX classes and camps for children of all ages and skills. About 26 or more parks are located in Annandale, all slightly unique and packed with fun adventures just waiting for you to enjoy.

In 2010, a new strategic plan was embraced for the Annandale Central Business District (CDB), which is the first of its kind in Fairfax County and awards important advantages in redevelopment. Instead of traditional land use strategies, the new plan provides significant flexibility to help support Annandale’s revitalization efforts. It does not specify intensity or single land uses, but rather permits properties to be redeveloped with a mix of uses and to achieve maximum height by providing community amenities.

This plan encourages redevelopment that will increase the residential population and create a pedestrian-oriented environment. The vision calls for a vibrant mix of land uses that enhance the quality of life for its residents and those of the neighboring areas, while still enabling businesses to prosper and contribute to Annandale’s vitality.

Annandale, known as the “Crossroads of Northern Virginia,” is in the heart of Fairfax County, and was recently ranked the Fourth Best Town in Virginia by Movoto (

Annandale’s prime location is at the Capital Beltway, and with its transportation network, Annandale is a thriving key commercial corridor. Locating a business in Annandale provides a strong strategic advantage. Learn more about office space availability at Annandale Center at

This all makes Annandale an awesome investment.

  • Service industries dominate the area’s businesses accounting for nearly 45% of the market.
  • Retail trade businesses are the second most prevalent industry type representing 24%.
  • Finance, insurance, and real estate businesses come in third at slightly over 15%.

High quality redevelopment will enable Annandale’s to reach its full potential, while strengthening surrounding residential communities.